Friday, February 25, 2005

The Great Belgian Piss Off

You'll recall last week's article on Belgium's Bush urinal sticker. Now it seems that one Belgian has

filed suit against the makers of the offending sticker. He will almost certainly lose his case, but the motive is sweet. The gentleman served under a U.S. commander during his time in the military and notes of his family:
My father was a policeman during World War II, and for his activities in the resistance he received several medals. His brother survived a concentration camp but suffered severe physical problems for the rest of his life. Look at the huge number of graves of American soldiers, sometimes of age 17 or less, who gave their lives for our freedom. I am really ashamed to be a Belgian after this humiliation and insult to a friendly nation that has helped us. It was not their war, but still they gave their lives to protect our democracy.

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