Friday, February 04, 2005

Let the Eagles Soar V

Galley Friend P.C. passes on this Boston Globe piece suggesting that the Eagles really may be the Red Sox.

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Anonymous said...

A surprisingly good piece, especially coming from Shaughnessy, who is usually a hack of the worst sort. It has been with great dismay that I've watched the Yankee-ization of Pats fans - you would think they would be the least susceptible to it. I would like to think that if the Phillies won 2 out of 3 World Series that the faithful wouldn't start acting as if they owned the trophy. That's the comparison they'll never make in Boston - the Pats' recent run is a brief moment of glory in the history of one of the most dismal franchises in sports, much like the Phils' late 70s-early 80s period. So if in fact the Birds lose Sunday, take heart in the fact that to ashes the Pats will return, and they will once again be utterly ignored in the face of the Sawx.