Wednesday, February 16, 2005

For me the grief is still too near . . .

This will be the final Galley Slave post on the 2005 Super Bowl. Turn away, if you must.

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles went to the Super Bowl, I was 6-years-old. I watched the first half of the game, but missed the second half, since it was past my bedtime. The next time the Eagles made the Super Bowl, I was 30-years-old and on a cruise ship. I watched the first half from the ship's bar, and then missed the second half because I had to attend a dinner (for work). When I am 54 and the Eagles make the Super Bowl again, no power in this world or the next will keep me from seeing the entire game.

But, since I didn't even get to watch the whole game, I have only a few disconnected thoughts:

(1) The Eagles' loss should surprise no one from Philadelphia. Those of us who fell into thrall with the team have only ourselves to blame. The Patriots are very good.

(2) That said, if you bet money on the Pats, you lost. Expect to hear this lame retort from Philadelphians for the next 24 years.

(3) Donovan McNabb was erratic, but much better than John Elway was in his first Super Bowl. Elway's career turned out okay. McNabb's will, too.

(4) Has any city had same-season sporting heartbreaks like Philly with the Eagles and Smarty Jones? I don't think so.

(5) When I returned to dry land, I found the following voicemail from Galley Brother B.J. It was left in a rage during the fourth quarter: So if T.O. was on a team that was a six-point favorite in the Super Bowl, and he started doing celebratory dances mocking an injured player from the underdog team, when do you think the heads on ESPN would stop giving him shit?

Good question. My guess: Never.

(6) Freddy Mitchell is no longer a charming, quirky "character." Andy Reid needs to give him the King Kong Bundy splash and then cut his ass. Five years from now I fully expect to see Mitchell strutting down Broad Street, carrying his shiny gold championship belt, and begging from spare change. He'll get none from me.

(7) Even in defeat, I concede and celebrate the genius of Bill Belichek. Also, Miramax better move on Golden Eye: The Tom Brady Story, before Matt Damon gets too old for the part.

(8) Message to Joe Banner: I suggest the Eagles trade Mitchell and a player to be named later to the Sixers for Allen Iverson. Mitchell is more of an NBA personality, anyway. And Iverson would be an amazing wide receiver whose ability to run, throw, and catch would give defenses fits. Think about it.

This concludes the post mortem. See you in 2029.


Anonymous said...

The only saving grace of the game was that when McNabb threw that late 4th quarter interception I didn’t vomit like I did last year during the NFC championship game when Detmer threw that goal line interception.

Part of me realizes that the Patriots were a very special team, a buzz saw that just takes care of business. My word what a franchise. However this game was there for the taking… and we didn’t take it. I am a little older than you Jonathan and I feel that I will take this game to the grave with me.

Having said that, I will be up rooting for them as big ever come next year- if I got over last year I can get over anything. Rooting for Philly sports is like having malaria in your blood, it’s not very good for you, it will make you miserable on and off through your whole life, and you just cannot get rid of it.

However like the last few losses in the NFC championship game, I did watch this game to the final second- because when we do win it, I am going to remember every single disappointment leading up to and it will make the final victory extra sweet

Mike Emerson

Anonymous said...

Eagle Superfan Buder checking in...
Yo, spent 4 days in Jaxadelphia.

- We lost the game, but we DOMINATED the battle of the fans. At least 8-1 in the city and 10-1 at the game.

- Jax was not sufficiently prepared. Put it this way, waiting for 2.5 hours at 230AM for a cab in 30 degree weather. Not fun. The drunkeness gives way to anger pretty quick.

- Never have I been at event like this where there was a supreme lack of hot women. Now I'm 34 and married, but I do like eye candy. None to be found in Jax

- To your boy BJ, he's right. The Pats are scumbags. Flap your wings boys, We will destroy you next year.

PS- Boston fans are now exactly like NY fans..intolerable.

Duane said...

King Kong Bundy? Dude you are old!

The Gipper Lives said...

Yes, but why is John Kerry pictured on the Patriots' helmets in his lucky CIA tri-corner?