Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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Bizarro Jack said...

The other blog doesn't allow comments . . . How boring.

"I wonder if any of these people read Scheherezade Faramarzi's "Iraq - Seeds of Insurgency" (AP, January 5) earlier this month. Far from being adverse to working with Islamists, the "secular" Saddam sought to use these groups for his own purposes."

Why is this only just now making the news? Obviously the president could now say something like "well duh, I knew that . . ." but he is constantly saying things that make no sense and giving no explanation. What were we reading the other day about arguments and contradiction? ("Saddam is a secular blah blah and wouldnt work with fundamentalists" "no he does")

I dont expect the president to explain everything, but you'd think I would have read the details on fox news or something. I'm just surprised at how many people didn't know this (assuming it's even true) - Obviously some Iraqis did, so why didn't we?

To put the finest point on it I know how, Why argue with "common knowledge" that is months old, citing an article published Jan 5?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people did know about Saddam's cooperation with various Islamist groups. Some media outlets and commentators simply decided to: ignore the evidence, downplay it, or distort it.

Now that we are out of an election spin-cycle, some more honest reporting is going on...

You see this article on January 5th by the AP, you would not have seen it on October 5th.

And, remember that the administration discussed Zarqawi over and over again...that story was distorted time and time again.