Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Good News

President Clinton apparently made it through surgery like a champ. Good for him and his family.

The AP report says that blockage in several of Clinton's arteries was "well over 90 percent." That's pretty scary, (if you believe the AP!), particularly since these days President Clinton looks better than ever. An excellent lesson for people over 50 to not avoid your physicals just because you're in good shape.

Continued best wishes for the Clintons.

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Dan Patterson said...

Now let's not get carried away with this "best wishes" horse-shit. The man as a politician was one of the most damaging ever. Ever. Sure we all wish another human being well and a speedy recovery, but none of that erases the stains of his record on US history.

The people that deserve our best wishes for recovery are the survivors of the innocents murdered in Russia.

Dan Patterson